Tales from Australia

Impressions of Australia and some beautiful pics courtesy of my pal Stephen

The Daily Panda

P9A A kangaroo with joey at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve, near Canberra.

I have been incredibly lucky to be able to spend my summer of 2017 in the winter of Australia. This was an incredible, whirlwind three months that, now I am back in Britain, feel almost like a dream, that came and went so quickly, it almost doesn’t feel real. During this time I was principally based in Brisbane, at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), where I was visiting Associate Professor Michael Flood in the School of Justice there. However I was also able to see some of the rest of the country too – though still only a tiny fraction of this inconceivably huge place. Now that the trip is over, more than anything else I feel like I have learnt so much from Australia and from the people I met that live there, which has had a profound impact…

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Sermones Ad Mortuos – The Ghostlands themes 90%



V práci jsem byl převelen na novou pobočku. I když jsem se to snažil sám sobě objasnit jasnou logikou normologického determinismu, po několika teoriích jsem dospěl k názoru, že se s tímto fatalismem nejsem schopen smířit a to především proto, že moje setrvání v současném stavu hodnot a času nenaplňuje Schopenhauerovu formulaci kompatibilismu, ale spíše jeho hlavní rozpor a to inkompatibilismus, toliko obhajovaný zastánci svobodné vůle. V praxi to znamená, že musím dojíždět do zasraný Hostivaře a sledovat každý ráno smrdutýho ožralýho houmlesáka, který ještě pořád nenašel tolik cti, aby se šel sám oddělat do lesa. Káva v automatu stojí patnáct korun a každý třetí den se z krásného tmavého hrdla (připomíná mi africké děvky na pornhubu) nevynoří kelímek, ale jen tmavě hnědá chcánka, která proteče hrdlem a vyústí do díry níže tak rychle, jako moje myšlenka na selhání základních principů kapitalismu (abych si posléze uvědomil, že toto naopak kapitalismus je). Ostatně, zřejmě tohle…

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Sermones Ad Mortuos, The Ghostlands Themes

Hypnagogue Music Reviews

sermones_ghostThe Ghostlands Themes has a story to tell. A ghost story, obviously. For the most part, it tells it well and manages to not get too rolled up in the obvious tropes of the idea. Make no mistake (and no pun intended), it’s full of theme. Temple bells, people asking spirits to reveal themselves, church-organ tones, there’s plenty here to hold the idea in place.  The narrative begins with “Invoking the Phantom” with heavily echoed vocal drops over wavering pads. This is where we get the temple bells, placed after a nice fade into quiet. It makes for a nice segue into “A Glimpse of Our Ghostlands,” which picks up a New Age feel and dresses it in grey shades. Arpeggiated notes gracefully unfold and we hear someone asking the spirits to say hello. Although I find the vocals a little interruptive, musically the piece lands in a comfortable space…

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Ethereal Shroud Stream New Album

Just bought and looking forward to hear on my iPod…first album was brilliantly atmospheric and this promises to be even better!

The Sonic Sensory

Since we haven’t yet got you the review for the new Ethereal Shroud album titled ‘They Became the Falling Ash’ we thought we’d pop by to tell you that the work of multi-instrumentalist Joe Hawker is now available in full for streaming/download on the band’s bandcamp page:


The three tracked release brings a world of atmospheric black metal focusing on fundamental funeral doom metal landscapes and hints at a composition greatness found in the likes of Leonard Rosenman (Google kids). ‘They Became The Falling Ash’ is priced on a “name your price” basis (depending on available downloads) so any contribution will be welcomed by the artist although you’ll find Mr. Hawker will be equally happy if you stream/download and listen.

ethereal shroud

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