Review of Cult Never Dies- The Megazine

Another outstanding effort by Dayal Patterson in his now familiar interviewing style. This time the feel of the book is slightly different, with an aesthetic reflecting a high quality version of the old printed underground zines most of us are familiar with. There is also a difference in the content, with the bands being interviewed now expanded to genres outside of black metal, and the book also containing interviews with an illustrator, a label manager and a photographer.

As a doom metal fan, I was licking my fingers with the interviews of Reverend Bizarre and Indesinence in particular, the first giving insight into one of the most tormented and fascinating minds in the genre, and the second (conducted by Fen’s The Watcher) revealing aspects in the life of an old bandmate I wasn’t even familiar with after sharing 6.5 years together in the band!

As ever highly recommended and I am glad to see Cult Never Dies now slowly expanding their territory to incorporate more and more elements that are of interest to anyone in the extreme metal genre.